Rural Supplies
Welder — Pump Supplies in Wellington, NSW

Rural supplies in Wellington, NSW


Your Rural Supplies Sorted

Come on down to Notts Rural & Domestic for all your irrigation and agricultural needs. Our friendly team will help you pick out all the parts and equipment you need.
We have a large supply of tools for any project you need to do. If you need to install some pipes for your irrigation, we’ve got you covered. If you need to fix a fence around your cattle farm, we have the equipment to help you build a sturdier barrier. Our selection of rural supplies includes:
Welding equipment
PPE gear
Work shoes
Pool supplies
Irrigation equipment
We have all the tools and equipment you need to make your agricultural project a success. Drop by our store today for a chat or call us to enquiry about our selection.
Center Pivot Irrigation System — Pump Supplies in Wellington, NSW

Water Fittings

Looking for quality pipes or water fittings? You’ve come to the right place.
We have all the pipes, hoses and water fittings you need. We stock:
Industrial & metric poly pipes
Poly fittings
Galvanised fittings
Plastic fittings
Low density poly (home irrigation)
Garden hoses
Choose from leading brands, Philmac, Plasson, Vinidex, Hunter Products and HR Products.